Monday, 20 May 2013

Reading daily to your child/children has great benefits.

  • This is a special,close time for you both(or your family).
  • Hearing stories encourages the love of reading.
  • Through stories children learn about their culture and also other children's cultures.
  • Watching a parent read teaches children how reading works; left to right and top to bottom.  They notice letters which make up words which are part of a sentence and that all this tells the story.
  • Children who are frequently and consistently read to sometimes learn to read before starting school or are ready to learn when they start.
  • Reading at bedtime calms most children ready for sleep.
  • Hearing  a wide variety of stories assists with a child's imagination and also the development of empathy.
  • The parent becomes aware of the child's developing interests.
  • A child's vocabulary increases.
  • Sharing stories about birth, death, hospital visits etc gives children the vocabulary and knowledge to ask questions or an opportunity for a discussion.
Stories can be fun, enjoyable, sad, happy, silly, scarey and/or informative.

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